After Action Report: Custom Seminar USB Drives

The devil is in the details.

Lessons learned that can help you save money, time and frustration when planning and executing the offline content delivery of your next seminar on USB Flash Drives.

Communication & Collaboration

It is essential in any project to make sure that everybody is on the same page. Tools like Zoom or MS Teams can be very effective in early stages of project management. We've defined some key steps for a successful USB project below.

  • Define Stakeholders
  • Define Goals
  • Estabish Standards
  • Build Plan
  • Execute Plan
  • Stakeholders

    By defining and bringing all the key stakeholders early on in your planning process you can help ensure that the project is executed efficiently.

    Our stakeholders for this project were:

  • Our Customer: A Major Medical Seminar Provider
  • Their Audio Visual Vendor: A Remote local AV team who provided assistance with the online production, Stream and Capture
  • Our Customers Customers: Seminar Attendees
  • Us

  • Goals

    Goals are often defined by stakeholder perspective.

    Our goals for this project were:

  • Our customer goal: Happy customers, lowest possible cost, lowest possible frustration
  • Their Audio Visual Vendor Goal: Limited interaction, once the seminar is complete they are essentially done
  • Seminar Attendees: Easy access to digital copies of received continuing education
  • Us: Produce, Duplicate and Deliver USB to seminar attendees, manage customer expectations and minimize our risk.

  • Standards

    Standards are essential to ensure good quality control and maximize efficiency.

    Key Standards for this project were:

  • Taxonomy: Making sure that file names were well thought out ensured that we could produce the right USB Drive with the right content for the right customer and that we didn't run into issues when discussing the project.
  • Resolution: When you are archiving three full days of streamed video content the resolution output of the stream grabbing software can make or break the project as far as data loads and respective costs associated with distribution. Regardless of distributing via physical media or online - dataset size has real world implications
  • File Format: Care must be exercised when it comes to file size and structure so as to minimize customer frustration. We utilized exFat in order to ensure maximum viability across operating systems.

  • Plan Execution

    Even the best plans are nothing without a great team to execute on them.

    Tools for Executing plan:

  • Offline Duplicators: Making use of the latest high tech offline Duplicators ensures that we can produce high quality data loads locally with zero chance for introducing malware or external threats.
  • Quality Control: It's absolutely essential that all team members check and double check their output. We utilize drive byte sector testing both pre and post data load to ensure that USB drives are produced correctly.
  • High Quality USB Printing: By utilizing a digital Fujifilm Printer with Sericoil Inks and the proper adhesion promoter we can ensure that our custom printed USBs will last forever and have the most vivid printing available.
  • Our People: There is no way to peform complex jobs like these without highly skilled well trained people to peform the tasks at hand.

  • Bringing it all Together

    We use file sharing technologies like DropBox to make data delivery simple We utilize technologies such as FTP and other file sharing services such as Dropbox & YouSendIt to share and collaborate on your project. We can bring to bear the full power of an educated workforce and the most cutting edge USB, HDD or SD card duplication equipment to make sure that your next project is a success. Buy utilizing shipping tools from Endicia, UPS or Fedex we can ship your USB Drive to your customers cheaper faster and safer than ever. We look forward to teaming up on your next Custom USB job!

    Payment Methods

    We utilize wire transfer, PayPal and credit card for our payment mechanisms, making international transactions simple and easy.


    Ground shipping time from our warehouse in Minneapolis, MNWithing rising gas prices and our current supply chain issues always consider shipping cost when pricing out USB Drive printing and duplication. I’ve recently partnered with a Safari video production company in South Africa. DVD from our customer's Safari video production company in South Africa.Many of their customers are US citizens and they have saved huge money having us produce their projects. Delivering a fully packaged disc or drive abroad can add hundreds if not thousands to the cost of a project.

    If your project is for a tradeshow or event, think about forwarding your parcels to your end location. This will save you from lugging around your product or having to pay postage twice.


    In short – Building and executing an effective USB drive distribution strategy is commonplace today and easier than you think. If you follow the above tips your semi complex project should be a breeze. If you have a project destined for a location inside our outside of the US, give us a call. We’d love to talk about how we can save you money and frustration.

    • "The finished discs look awesome with the picture on the front! I played one in my DVD and the quality looks great too. Thank you for all your help. I will recommend your company to anyone who is looking for this type of product." - Dawn, Tonda Elementary

    • "THEY LOOK AWESOME!!! Not sure if they will need the hard copy back or not but I'll find out! Thank you SO MUCH!" - Jackie, Allegra

    • "The cd’s look and sound great, thanks so much for your work and turning them around quickly. Very happy." - Dan, Oaks Church, Eagan, MN

    • "I got my DVDs today. They look awesome! Thanks for all your help. I'll be using your service again!" - Caleb, Nashville,TN

    • "You're awesome!! I'll set up a courier to pick up. No special packaging, thank you for checking!" - Jackie, Allegra

    • "We received the discs. It was great working with you." - Emily, Ivinson Memorial Hospital

    • "Just wanted to say thank you! The discs came today and they look fabulous! We will definitely use your company if and when we need this many discs burnt again! Thanks so much!" - Nancy