Disc Printing Options – “It’s All Good”

We at Discburn like to give our customers and new prospects multiple on-disc printing options for their CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray disc projects. At last count we have at least 5 different options. Some options have better color resolution, some options are simpler, quicker, and yes some are cheaper. It is all about time, flexibility, look, cost and choice for you.

Black on Silver

Quick, Simple and Cheap – Black text on a silver or white background disc. What more can be said, It is as simple as it gets. Maybe a simple line art logo, but mainly just for single color text printing – black, blue or red. Recommended quantities of 10 – 10,000. Best for quick, inexpensive duplicated monochrome CD-R or DVD-R.

Color Inkjet

Quick, great for light print coverage, nice mix of color at an affordable price. But it is water based ink so it will smear or smudge if it gets wet. Recommended quantities of 10 – 7500. Perfect for quick, inexpensive duplicated color CDs or DVDs.

Photo Color

Not as quick, but beautiful, very durable, vibrant, will not smear or smudge. But it costs more. Recommended quantities of 10 – 2500. Perfect for the best looking duplicated discs.

Color Screen Print

Slow Process, very durable, great for PMS color matching, will not smear. Recommended quantities of 1500 – 500,000+. Best for Replication, but can also be used for print only discs (you record the data, video, or audio at a later date).

Offset Color

Slow Process, very durable, higher resolution than screen printing, will not smear. Recommended quantities of 1500 – 500,000+. Only works for disc replication.

Lots of choices for you. Call our team today to get your project started and to help pick the best printing and disc packaging options

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  • "The finished discs look awesome with the picture on the front! I played one in my DVD and the quality looks great too. Thank you for all your help. I will recommend your company to anyone who is looking for this type of product." - Dawn, Tonda Elementary

  • "THEY LOOK AWESOME!!! Not sure if they will need the hard copy back or not but I'll find out! Thank you SO MUCH!" - Jackie, Allegra

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  • "You're awesome!! I'll set up a courier to pick up. No special packaging, thank you for checking!" - Jackie, Allegra

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