DVD9 and Dual Layer Discs

Do you ever find yourself with too much to say and not enough breath? In today’s fast paced digital world often times projects grow and the snowball effect is unavoidable. A product manual and instructional video that was slated to be 90 minutes has ballooned into a full two hour production. With Dual Layer DVD duplication that's no longer a problem.

DVD9 and Dual Layer Pricing


Store significantly more data

Instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes for full quality DVD resolution – we can duplicate up to three hours of your video onto a single DVD. This means instead of paying more for the duplication and printing of an additional disc, dual disc packaging – you can save money on production, packaging all while keeping your customers happy with a simple singular solution.

Learn more about DVD9 and Dual Layer Specifications.

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  • "The finished discs look awesome with the picture on the front! I played one in my DVD and the quality looks great too. Thank you for all your help. I will recommend your company to anyone who is looking for this type of product." - Dawn, Tonda Elementary

  • "THEY LOOK AWESOME!!! Not sure if they will need the hard copy back or not but I'll find out! Thank you SO MUCH!" - Jackie, Allegra

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