Preserve your memories with our DVD conversion services

Production, packaging & delivery options

We offer many additional services to enhance your conversion package, call for pricing: 612-782-8200.

Professional Packaging

We have professional and durable packaging options to complement your discs.

Same-day Turnaround

Need your video converted fast? We can have it back to you the same day.

Custom Menu Creation

Want custom menus for your DVD? We can customize the look and functionality of your DVD's menu.


We can send out copies of your DVD to your friends, family or customers.

Digital Delivery

We can email you a link to download your video or put it on a flash drive.

Bulk Duplication

Need more discs? We offer discounted prices on copies of 50 discs or more.

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7720 West 78th St.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of formats can you convert?

Our most common formats are digital files from smartphones/camcorders and VHS tapes. We of course can handle other types of tape, from beta cam to VHS-C. Contact us for custom quotes on any conversion process: 612-782-8200.

2. How long does the whole process take?

It depends on delivery and requests for additional options. A straight conversion to disc will be within 5 business days after receiving the tapes/files.

3. How much will it cost?

The basic package is $25 per tape/file for conversion plus $5 per disc to be duplicated. Standard flat rate shipping for all orders is only $10. Higher quantities have free shipping and price breaks for bulk duplication.

4. Where do I send my tapes or drop them off?

7720 West 78th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55439

Contact Ryan for drop-off, or if you're in the area, just swing in and say hello. You can always give us a call, 612-782-8200. We will contact you for details of your project in any case.

5. Why should I choose DiscBurn?

We have been doing video and data conversion for a really long time. We produce millions of discs per year for medical institutions and law firms, so we know about sensitive and important data. Your family memories will be safe with us.